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Almost nothing works on the website


I'm currently thinking about whether to use Arch or FreeBSD for a NAS I'm building. The difficulty to decide between the two led me (once again) to the pacBSD website. However, I'm not sure if I should try it for anything more than an experiment since the first impression is not really encouraging.

On the website:

  • The "packages" link leads nowhere (would be very interesting for me).

  • Most of the links in the "Wiki" menu lead nowhere.

  • The "bugs" link leads nowhere.

  • The "PUR" link leads nowhere.

  • In the right navigation bar, many links are not working such as "Mailing list", "Todo lists", etc.

This leads me to the question how many people are using (and maintaining) the website and – ultimately – the OS at all.

It's not my intention to sound rude or anything, I'm just pointing out that the first impression is objectively not good which may also lead to people interested in using and/or contributing to the project to turn round on their heels when finding the project homepage.


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Re: Almost nothing works on the website


Currently there is a small number of people that are part of the development team, and of that small team I'm currently the only one that is actively doing anything.  So it is easy for me to get swamped with things to do link fixing the site which is still very much a massive work in progress.

Thank you for your understanding.

Side note: Moved to "PacBSD Discussion" as that is a more appropriate forum for this.


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