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#1 2013-01-23 23:05:06

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Status of the Project

Hello everyone.

Media took on this project bit too soon. It's nice to such response but site is still very raw and there's a lot to do.

The good thing is that there is something to show you. We have testing ISOs that work! They will be made available soon.

Be patient and give Amzo some more time as he is doing this great work here.

Thank you all for showing such interest in ArchBSD!

Did you see those monsters? Have you ever seen such aberrations? Ever even heard of such things? You and I both know, creatures like that don't exist.


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Re: Status of the Project

Judging from bandwidth usage, some people have found their way to an old ISO on my other server, however I wouldn't really recommend using that ISO as it has some issues which have been fixed in more recent ISOs.

However, while people are waiting, feel free to join: #archbsd


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