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I'm curious...

Does this mean I get proper package and ports management via pacman (ports in freebsd really just doesn't cut it) without having to deal with all the FLOS-iness[1] ArchLinux comes with these days? (*stares at systemd, dbus and udev*)...

I've recently been considering switching away from Arch. I've already moved my PC to FreeBSD, but for various reasons (my raid just works out of the box there, mdadm on linux is just screwing up everywhere. plus: ZFS).
But on FreeBSD, that new pkgng is also a very strange piece of work... (and ports in general)

The only thing I miss on BSD are cgroups, namespaces and some of linux' encryption capabilities. (And /dev/uinput because I used it but I can deal with that loss)

[1] Linux Future | PAPPP's Rambling <>


#2 2013-02-07 05:48:29

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Re: I'm curious...

I think this is exactly what's intended; obviously this FLOS nonsense doesn't operate on BSD (thank lucifer), and according to About Arch BSD, "Arch BSD uses Arch Linux's Pacman package manager". This is precisely what I want out of a BSD! I first started using Arch in 2007 because it was one of the most BSD-like of the linux distros… the change to systemd has been the last straw wih me, essentially. While my mind wandered in class about a week ago I thought it might be a good idea to port pacman to {Free,Net}BSD; to my delight I found this project. smile

I'd really like to see the HAMMER FS supported here eventually, but I have no idea how DragonFlyBSD-specific it is (probably very). A project for the future…

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