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Bleeding Edge?

The main reason I use Arch Linux is because it's bleeding edge, I did try and look for some of the packages I use everyday such as the KDE desktop environment (I don't see?), I would assume it is version 4.10.3 as it was the latest version available from kde at this time.

One of the main reasons I love freebsd was ports, now make install clean I believe would install the package but also bring up a ncurses based menu for basically picking which options you want for the package, does archbsd still retain this?  If it's using pacman is pacman patched for this functionality or is pacman only installing binaries?

I did see some gnome 3.8 packages well the icon theme anyway so I would assume gnome 3.8 is already in the archbsd ports tree am I correct?  I would also assume gimp-git would be in the aur like it is with arch linux, could be wrong (it's just one of the few packages I need at the edge along with krita, darktable, kdnlive, wine and so on).

So how does archbsd handle the package options or simple USE Flags?  From reading it brings in the packages from the freebsd ports collection but are these packages already compiled for pacman?  I rather build them as I would using ports with freebsd.

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Re: Bleeding Edge?

ArchBSD doesn't handle package options, package installation is the same as on linux, and pacman isn't patched (much - we do have to make it explicitly run bash for install scripts and some such stuff)
if you like options, you could take a look at gentoo/BSD, it has useflags afaik.

Other than that, regular FreeBSD with ports can just as well be the right choice for you smile

As for gnome and KDE - neither are packaged yet, the gnome-related packages are there as some other packages need them.

ArchBSD isn't really using ports-packages. The original set of packages to get things going were made using ports (building and packaging via ports, then converting to a pacman package), but this is just too hard to deal with as the ports system is very unflexible with regard to packaging. (Ie the package has to be deinstalled before it can be packaged, it has no 'backup' array which can be used by packages but instead backs up files from inside the Makefile, and ports provides lots of ugly hacks, and they tend to strip away library version numbers...).
So now we use ArchLinux PKGBUILDs as a base, look through ports to see if any patches/changes are required, and adapt them. In some cases the ports packages are built in an entirely different way, so it's not always easy to choose which way to go. Often times though it's only a matter of replacing a few commands (make -> gmake, sed -> gsed).


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Re: Bleeding Edge?

They will get packaged eventually, but it'll take time to make the working PKGBUILDS and fix any bugs / issues.


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