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What's the status of the x86 version of Arch BSD? It's been a several weeks now and no packages based on the x86 (i686) in the repository only 64-bit.

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Re: Status?

((several weeks of ~2 people packaging in their free time, neither of which use these ancient blasphemic 32 bit systems tongue))

The status:
The topic recently came up on IRC and may get started soon, but no promises.
Getting the initial set of packages out is probably the 'toughest' part, as we need some 32 bit starting point and build/rebuild everything and break through some ugly circular dependency chains (at least in [extra], not so much in [core] which is the more important part anyway).
Once that is done it's hopefully mostly compiling and testing, as the patching, hacking and slaying of PKGBUILDs in theory has to be done only once for "nice" packages wink

If you're actually a 32 bit user it would be helpful if you could join us on IRC, (at least once the initial core packages are being built), to help test it. As while it's not that hard to setup a 32 bit VM to compile packages on, testing should be more than just starting and seeing if it loads smile, so the more interested/enthusiastic people we have around, the better smile


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Re: Status?

I'm going to start work on packaging all of core for i686, but I won't be packaging anything else. Someone else is free to take up that position. As Blub/w said. Two people packaging for both architectures simply isn't enough.


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