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How is ArchBSD built?

I'm curious about how you build your packages and ISOs. Could you give a brief overview of how it's done? Can your share your scripts?


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Re: How is ArchBSD built?

The packages are built with PKGBUILDS for our github:

The current ISO I did manually, but the process for the script is:

1: Make a tempory directory: e.g /tmp/archbsd

2: Install our freebsd-world there: pacman -S freebsd-world -r $tmp-dir

3: read from a file list and copy the most minimal bootign system to a directory:

   while read blah; do cp $filelist $targetdir

4: install the rest of base, but ignore freebsdworld- pacman -S base --ignore freebsd-world -r /tmp/archbsd_iso

5: add the install scripts to /tmp/archbsd

6: chroot and make final changes, ldconfig paths etc

7: use mkisofs to generate the iso from /tmp/archbsd_iso

That pretty much sums it up. I did have a script to do it automatically, but lost it in the recent hardware failure.


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