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#1 2013-03-11 06:10:32

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Changing Default Prefix

After some discussion about using the default prefix as /usr/local we I have decided that it would be best to change the prefix to /usr instead. The new paths are:


The reason for these are to make packaging easier for users. Arch relies heavily on user contribute packages to be successful, so it seemed in the best interest to make packaging as easy as possible.

1: Poorly made build scripts.

These need patching to allow the use of /usr/local in which the build scripts have /usr hard coded as the prefix. These can be problematic and make building packages a painful task.

2:packages needed pkgconfig paths correcting.

When making a package, which distribute files for pkgconfig. You'd generally need to add:

mv ${pkgdir}/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig ${pkgdir}/usr/local/libdata/

This is no longer needed anymore.

3: port hacks

A lot of hacks where needed, to correct paths, such as gnome hacks, intlhacks, etc to make packages build correctly and find the correct paths.

these should be no longer needed.

4: forcing LDFLAGS and CPPFLAGS to include /usr/local/include and /usr/local/lib in PKGBUILD

Sometimes this was needed, or build scripts had to be patch so that they could find the correct library and include files. This should also no longer be needed.

The overall goal of changing the prefix, which may upset some purist, was to ease package building, and to speed up the process. The pros vs cons of /usr vs /usr/local for packages weighs in favor of /usr


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Re: Changing Default Prefix

Thought I'd stop by and say: change is going well - and conflicts are being resolved. (freebsd-world will be split further - mostly the toolchain (binutils and clang) will be moved into freebsd-contrib-{binutils,llvm} packages, thus allowing us to keep most PKGBUILDs very close to their original ArchLinux ones.)
The amount of required modifications to PKGBUILDs is really small now, and I'd bet a lot of the linux's AUR packages would work (so long as the dependencies are available). Though there are still a lot of packages to change.

Right now I'm running Xorg + i3 from the /usr prefix, and am writing in chromium which is still the old /usr/local prefixed one (yay for it not breaking!))


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