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Re: Website Suggestions

Hello thanks for the feedback, hopefully I can clarify/help with some of these.

on the page, need to correct spelling of "acheived", should be "achieved"

Good catch, I'll bring that up with one of the guys that work on the website.

the DOWNLOAD page ( doesn't have a link to the ISO files (I found them on

The only usable ISO we have is 2+ years old and requires a lot of work arounds to work, we are in the process of getting where we can upload new (and usable images unlike the 2016-* ones already there).  When we do that page will be updated to point to the new one.

you mention TORRENT files on the Download page, but I couldn't find any

Again this stems from not having a recent/working image.  When we do we will hopefully offer .torrent/magnet links to the images if enough people will seed.

the MirrorList page ( doesn't work, no mirrors listed

I think this may be intended as we only have one server and have yet to publically launch post ArchBSD->pacBSD rebrand

the link is broken

Again I believe this is intentional when we have a new image release we will make the signature file(s) public as well.

the MailingList link ( doesn't seem to work

Our mail server is currently offline as it was being migrated to another host, but this migration has been a low priority for us currently.  Currently the best way to get in contact with us is either through the Forums or through IRC #pacbsd-chat on Freenode.

the "2 years of ArchBSD" link ( is broken

That is probably a bug due to DNS/Server misconfiguration, we'll look into it.

and the link has a bad SSL cert

While it is still on the Site Nav we are currently not running a User Repository, if you tell your browser to continue anyways you would be redirected back to the pacBSD homepage.  It is currently under consideration to use the current version or upgrade to AURv4 so things will be Git backed instead of requiring users to upload a source package.

Again thanks for your time in digging all these issues up and reporting them, unfortunately you caught us in a hectic point in the project.


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