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#1 2015-02-05 16:16:10

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Download archBSD - no mirrors

Excuese me, but if i try to find a mirror or a torrent link on

i got nothing... there is no link

If i try to got a mirrorlist (to generate one) no servers where printed out...

if i click on "here" in the last sentence

If you want to become an Official Arch BSD Mirror please follow the instructions listed here.

i got 404 Not Found


Thx and good night


#2 2015-02-10 18:53:02

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Re: Download archBSD - no mirrors

I found the root of the FTP directory at the top of the installation guide: … tall_Guide


#3 2015-02-11 03:40:51

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Re: Download archBSD - no mirrors

There's currently a lot of work to catch up with, sorry for that, not enough spare time to deal with it all. (beside a server migration - keeping up with packages, the usual...)
Yes the link in the wiki is right. It's probably time to work on another iso/img after merging the next bunch of packages from [testing] into the repositories.
(You mostly see activity if you enable [testing], since we're few, it takes a while to get to a point where we feel comfortable merging packages into the repositories, so we're not as fast moving or as bleeding edge as ArchLinux...)


#4 2015-02-11 22:42:20

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Re: Download archBSD - no mirrors

Well a new website is being worked on currently, so the dead links probably won't get fixed on the current site, but will be fixed when we move over to the new site.


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