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Desktop sysctl tuneables

I would like to know if anyone has experienced any differences using the sysctl tuneables that are used in this blog.
or there is something you could add to this information.


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Re: Desktop sysctl tuneables

I didn't notice anything, good or bad. neutral On both ArchBSD and vanilla FreeBSD. 
Those shared memory settings did help when using Qt4 applications in GNU/kFreeBSD (Debian port). Had to be set in sysctl.conf IIRC.  No loader.conf there. I wish fam/gamin would be fixed on that OS, mad KDE is unusable otherwise.
Always good to have a reference tho.

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Re: Desktop sysctl tuneables

There are a few sysctl settings set by default, but it's best to leave these for the user to tweak. When things are fine with the base and the website has switched to the new one. I'm going to focuses on writing in depth documentation. … ysctl.conf


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