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Having an issue with xorg and xf86-video-intel were I get a black screen with startxfce4, Xorg -configure.....or any other X, and cannot get back to TTY, only reboot......I searched and found mentions of recompiling xorg w/  WITH_NEW_XORG=YES in /etc/make.conf using PORTS.... As I wanted to use pacman exclusively for this install posting here in hopes someone else has resolved this. Thanks!

I can ssh into the box and checked Xorg.0.log nothing there pops out.

kldstat shows i915kms drm2 modules loaded correctly

if I manually kldload i915kms and then startx I get no screens found.


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Re: xf86-video-intel

Yes, this is a known problem with KMS, you can't switch back to console after loading the drivers. This is a problem with FreeBSD but is fixed in our testing repository, but until then that issue can't be resolved until it's merged.

As for xfce4 not starting. Could you maybe try with xf86-video-vesa, or post the Xorg.0.log?

Also, you could edit


And uncomment the part to allow console logs to /var/log/console.log					/var/log/console.log

This might help discover the issues if Xorg.0.log is empty.


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