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#1 2014-05-11 06:45:19

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2014-05-05 x86_64 iso

While I was at it anyway (testing and playing with the i686 iso) I thought that I might take a look at the new x86_64 one as well. While I have to admit that I just recently decided to actually get in touch with ArchBSD project, I've been following it for quite some time now (interest in it was there but I deemed it best to remain quiet since my BSD knowledge was next to not existant). I've installed a quick test system every time a new iso was made available and watched the progress. Now the latest install media obviously broke a few things and I'd like to report that here.

1) For one thing its kbdmap. It actually never worked perfectly with ANY iso ever released. If I try to use the PAGEDOWN key, the program exits. On the real system, it works well, just not on the live system from the installation media. However that's a fairly small flaw and using just the arrow keys everything works fine.

However now I came across strange visual glitches (when it comes to it's functionality, the program works just like always). Here's a screenshot (seems like the issue is limited to the x86_64 iso):


2) The next problem is a more annoying one: For whatever reason the new iso comes without the UnionFS mounts which the older ones provided. Are these gone inevitably due to technical needs or can they be brought back? If the later is true then I think it would be a good choice. Right now even the official installation guide is broken (as it asks the user to create /mnt/arch which is of course impossible with a read-only filesystem). This should probably be taken care of as soon as possible. I thought about changing the wiki but then again it's more than that one issue so it might even be an option to drop 2014-05-05 x86_64 for now. Screenshot:


3) However this one is without doubt the most severe one: Pacman's keys are missing! For that reason a normal installation like before is impossible now... The simple work-around that I posted for i686 should work, too, but this issue is certainly not good at all and something must be done about it.


4) Is there any reason why openrc was dropped from the repos? I'm already missing it. sad


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Re: 2014-05-05 x86_64 iso

Yeah, sorry about that. Uploading new ones now. I forgot to populate the keys in the script for generating the iso. As for unionfs, it would cause constant kernel panics, as it is experimental.


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Re: 2014-05-05 x86_64 iso

Ok, let me put my 5 cents here.

I observed the same "read-only" issue and a couple of other bugs. Here they are:

1) After about 30 minutes of inactivity I got the following:


2) Pacman's hint to populate keys refers to 'archlinux' and the Archlinux site.



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Re: 2014-05-05 x86_64 iso

The first is what happens when handpicking the files which end up on the image rather than just installing packages the normal way - ultimately to shave off a few MB in the image. There's no harm but it's certainly an odd sight.
The second one - can't believe we missed that.
Note: The news-entry URL is actually fine as we don't have any entry about that and it's a feature of pacman itself. smile
The keyring line of course is wrong.
Thanks for reporting. Fixed in the next rebuilds.


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